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Since 1983, REONAC Group is pushing the limits of the energy field and contributes in maximizing the energy efficiency of companies, big and small, all over the world.
REONAC Group has had a global presence in the energy sector since 1983. From solar
energy to forklifts, from telecom to eco-friendly lighting, we have always been conscious of
the important issues we face as a company and active member of our community.
Reonac is at the forefront in the field of current energy systems integration. Founded in 1983, Reonac has already become a leader encompassing chargers and batteries. Our role has evolved considerably since our humble beginings as a manufacturing agent for large international brands. Today, we design and install complete energy systems ranging from batteries for stationary systems (UPS) and traction vehicles, to photovoltaic (solar energy) systems, to ultra-efficient and eco-friendly lighting.

We have the expertise to take full control of all phases leading to switch-on; from the needs analysis to after-sales services. Our company's rigorous and meticulous approach is in line with today's industry. Our high demand is a reflection of our strong commitment and dedication towards constant research, quality and perfection.
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